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Malaysian plane crash MH370

26 Mar

The recent plane crash that occurred over the South-Indian ocean on its way to Malaysia had many passengers on board, many of which were Chinese. The plane crashed only a few weeks ago and since a huge enquiry into where it actually went down has begun. Using complicated remote sensing methods, experts were able to narrow the crash down to a small section over the South-Indian ocean and have since been searching it for any wreckage or evidence of the plane. The Chinese government have reacted angrily to the way Malaysian authorities dealt with the crash, saying that more could have been done in a shorter space of time to identify exactly what happened. Whilst this has been happened, family members of the passengers have been accusing Malaysian officials of withholding information relating to the crash which is very serious in itself. The current situation is that we are waiting for news of recovered wreckage of the plans and families of the passengers have been told by Malaysian authorities to assume that there were no survivors, which has once again prompted more uproar

                                                      By Joss Woodhead



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