The course will draw upon a range of sources including books, journal articles, online and official documentary sources.



The Library has a wide collection of books and works on all aspects of China, especially related to politics and foreign affairs. Below is a selection of books relevant to Chinese foreign policy, covering social and political aspects of China’s development from the 19th century to the present day:


The following list is a selection and does not cover every China book in the Library. It is necessary that you search the Library Catalogue as necessary for your own research, such as for presentations and policy briefs.


Books covering general aspects and specific periods of post-1949 Chinese foreign policy:

J. D. Armstrong (1977), Revolutionary Diplomacy: Chinese Foreign Policy and the United Front Doctrine (Berkeley: University of California Press).

D. B. Bobrown (1979), Understanding Foreign Policy Decisions: The Chinese Case (New York: Free Press).

Bates Gill (2007), Rising Star: China’s New Security Diplomacy (Washington DC: Brookings Institution).

Judith F. Kornberg and John R. Faust (2005), China in World Politics: Policies, Processes, Prospects (Boulder and London: Lynne Rienner).

David M. Lampton (ed.) (2001), The Making of Chinese Foreign and Security Policy in the Era of Reform, 1978-2000 (Stanford: SUP). (available as electronic resource)

David M. Lampton (2008), The Three Faces of Chinese Power: Might, Money and Minds (Berkeley and London: University of California Press).

Ishwer C. Ojha (1969), Chinese Foreign Policy in an Age of Transition: The Diplomacy of Cultural Despair (Boston: Beacon Press).

Thomas W. Robinson and David Shambaugh (eds.) (1995), Chinese Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice (Oxford: Clarendon Press).

Saich, Tony (2004), Governance and Politics of China (Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan).

Robert G. Sutter (1978), Chinese Foreign Policy after the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1977 (Boulder: Westview Press).


Books covering historical foundations of post-1949 Chinese foreign affairs:

Lucien Bianco (1971), Origins of the Chinese Revolution, 1915-1949 (Stanford: SUP).

John King Fairbank (1964), Trade and Diplomacy on the China Coast: The Opening of Treaty Ports, 1842-1854 (Cambridge: Harvard University Press). (available as electronic resource)

John King Fairbank, Edwin O. Reischauer and Albert M. Craig (1973), East Asia: Tradition and Modernization (Boston: Houghton Mifflin).

Jonathan Fenby (2009), The Penguin History of Modern China: The Fall and Rise of a Great Power (London: Penguin).

Henrietta Harrison (2001), China (Inventing the Nation Series) (London: Hodder Arnold).

David C. Kang (2007), China Rising: Peace, Power, and Order in East Asia (New York and Chichester: Columbia University Press).

James Reardon-Anderson (1980), Yenan and the Great Powers: The Origins of Chinese Communist Foreign Policy, 1944-1946 (New York: Columbia University Press).

Jonathan D. Spence (1999), The Search for Modern China (New York: W. W. Norton, 2nd edition).

Teng, Ssu-Yu and John K. Fairbank (1954), China’s Response to the West: A Documentary Survey (no place: Harvard University Press).


Books covering relations between China and countries or regions, including foreign aid:

Mark Burles (1999), Chinese Policy Toward Russia and the Central Asian Republics (Santa Monica: Rand). (available as electronic resource)

John Franklin Copper (1976), China’s Foreign Aid: An Instrument of Peking’s Foreign Policy (Lexington: Lexington Books).

Vivien Foster (2009), Building Bridges: China’s Growing Role As Infrastructure Financier for Sub-Saharan Africa (Washington DC: World Bank).

Hinton, Harold C. (1976), Peking-Washington: Chinese Foreign Policy and the United States (Beverly Hills: Sage).

David M. Lampton (2001), Same Bed, Different Dreams: Managing US-China Relations (Berkeley: University of California Press). (available as electronic resource)

Robert G. Sutter (1978), China-Watch: Toward Sino-American Reconciliation (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University).


Books covering issues of strategic culture and military strategy:

Harold Brown (2003), Chinese Military Power: Report of an Independent Task Force Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (New York: Council on Foreign Relations). (available as electronic resource)

Alastair I. Johnston (1995), Cultural Realism: Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History (Princeton: PUP).

Jonathan D. Pollack (1998), In China’s Shadow: Regional Perspectives on Chinese Foreign and Military Development (Santa Monica: Rand). (available as electronic resource)

Andrew Scobell (1998), China and Strategic Culture (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press).

Andrew Scobell (2003), China’s Use of Military Force: Beyond the Great Wall and the Long March (Cambridge: CUP).



The Library has access to a number of journals relevant to the course and these can all be searched by topic electronically for specific articles.

China: An International Journal

The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly

China Economic Review

The China Journal

China Law Journal

The China Quarterly (currently available until 2006. Post-2006 editions need to be ordered via Interlibrary Loan)

China Review International

Journal of Contemporary China

Chinese Journal of International Politics (web)


International Relations journals that frequently publish articles on PRC:


International Security

Global Governance

International Affairs

International Organization

World Politics

Comparative Politics

Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs


Official government sources:,,,


Web sources – news and research:



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