Improved relations between China and the USA

20 Mar

Michelle Obama has recently begun her week long ‘non-political’ trip to China that will stop off in Beijing and Chengdu. She has decided to focus her trip on “the power and importance of education”  and will write a blog on this subject.

The reason as to why this visit is so interesting is because it comes as such a crucial time in regards to relations between the two countries with issues such as Crimea and China’s relationship with North Korea being at the top of the agenda. Although it has been claimed by The White House that this trip is not political, it is believed that the purpose is to prove that relations between the two countries are not just through leaders and are through the people also, as supported by a statement put out by the deputy national security advise for security communications, Ben Rhodes. This trip will hopefully improve relations between the two countries so that disputes over major and minor issues can end

                                                                                                                                                               By Joss Woodhead




One Response to “Improved relations between China and the USA”

  1. jm5g13 March 21, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    The trip could also be about possible support from China over the Crimean crisis in which the West and Russia are embroiled as China abstained from supporting Russia (its usual ally) in its call for a referendum it could be seen that China does a genuine interest in holding up the ideals of its non intervention policy as shown in Syria and Libya whereas Russia uses its veto for political gain, garnishing more respect from other nations

    China’s Crimean Dilema, BBC News, 17/3/14, last accessed: 21/3/14 4:32 pm,

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