China: The victor in the Crimean crisis

14 Mar


China have taken the stance to support their allies Russia in the crisis that has hit the Ukraine in recent weeks. Following the Russian takeover of the Crimea, the Chinese have taken a firm position and continue to assert that “there is a good reason for why events in Ukraine have progressed to where they are today” (Reuters, 2014). China are therefore maintaining their non-interventionist policy, and it would appear that the Chinese could benefit from this conflict.

One reason being that this could end “up pushing Russia and China much closer together” (Dyer, 2014). This has been in the pipeline for a while and relations are ever improving. However, the two are “also getting close to an agreement on a major gas pipeline” (Dyer, 2014). Russia will like to see this deal happening as soon as possible, and this is something that Putin is pushing for. The Financial Times stated that “Putin wants to send a message to the EU, which continues to challenge Gazprom’s business model, and to the US regarding the strength of strategic cooperation between Russia and China” (Palti-Guzman, 2014).

A further way in which China will benefit is because of the crisis in the Ukraine, Obama’s Asian focus is now going to have to shift back to Europe. This will mean that China’s influence can once again grow in the region, and for the meantime, it means that the eyes of the White House will shift to the troubles in Europe.



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