Space and China

13 Mar


An image of Chang’e-3 on the moon in December 2013


China has always shared a passion for science and the outer space along with many other countries. In the past they lacked the sufficient funds and/or technology to focus on space exploration and other such activities but as of recently, due to their rapid economic growth and their expansion program, they have been able to make space a focus and dedicate time and thought towards any such exploits.

By the year 2020 the international space station is expected to be retired. In the same year China space station should also be complete. Due to this it also means that Chinas space station may be the earth’s only foothold into space. The chief designer of the program told of the station “the 2020 space station will be a national space lab”. This would give China a place among other technologically advanced countries which share immense interests in space such as Russia, England, America, etc.

In December of last year the Chang’e moon lander landed on moon successfully. This was China’s first lunar and displayed just how far China has come as a country in terms of technology and innovation. China also plan for a 2017 launch of the lunar probe Chang’e-5. This will be part of China’s third-phase lunar program.






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