China’s Increasing Defence Budget

11 Mar

During the recent annual parliament session the Chinese government announced plans to increase the growth target to 7.5% with a raise in the defence budget by 12.2%. China displayed the second highest defence budget in 2013, although falling far behind the US with $112.2 (bn) spent on military and security. However this is suggested to increase to at least $131 (bn) throughout the current year. This falls into the consistently increasing defence budget that China has displayed over the last decade with an expansion from $15 (bn) in 2000.

Boosts to military spending have been surrounded by speculation due to China’s current tensions with its geographical neighbours including Japan and the Philippines. This has led to criticisms of China’s budget plans, with Japan suggesting a lack of transparency in China’s military spending is a case for international concern. Suggestions that China has aims to dominate the surrounding region with a particular focus on maritime power allowing them to deny access to assaults through strategic approaches. However it is also demonstrated that China’s defence spending has benefitted the region, driving a rise in spending across the whole of Asia and removing the dominating power away from the West.

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