Chinese Invasion…of the Entertainment world!

9 Mar

When acts such as the Beetles took the US by storm, we called it the Brit invasion. But seeing how fast China is growing, soon to be the superpower of the world, soon will follow the Chinese invasion! Chinese invasion of the entertainment industry, that is…

The likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Yao Ming (Chinese NBA player) and actress Zhang Ziyi are already popular in the West for their roles in Hollywood flicks. Some of my favourites include Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, Jet Li in Forbidden Kingdom and Zhang Ziyi in Memoirs of Geisha.  With a focus on Martial arts, a traditional Chinese art form and the subtle portrayal of Confucianism through the choices these lead actors make in their roles to save the day, Chinese culture is displayed to the West in an attractive package which keeps creating Blockbusters…

As a cinema-goer, and a girl, I was always impressed by Chinese actresses such as Liu Yifei taking up roles of strong, independent yet feminine martial artists assisting Jackie Chan and Jet Li to save the day. But is this an accurate portrayal of Chinese women? In reality, Chinese society places more value on boys than girls. Could the entertainment industry within China help to change this view as China progresses into a more modern, middle-class economy?

Forbes has its own celebrity 100 list for Chinese celebrities. In 2010, this list started to include celebrities from Taiwan and Hong Kong too, as China opens its doors and becomes more accepting of the influence of more modernised societies. In 2013, 6 out of the 10 celebrities listed were from Taiwan or Hong Kong. Additionally, what I found interesting was that most of those listed are from the Eastern coast of China i.e. Fan Bingbing was born in Qingdao but raised in Yantai and was the #1 Chinese celebrity in 2013. As China progresses in its economic transformation, will we see more artists and sports people from Western China and will we see a change in the perception of women, with more and more lead roles allocated to females?


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