Where does China’s Allegiance Lie?

7 Mar

As the Russia and Ukraine situation continues to bubble, many are looking to China to see where their priorities lie. China and Russia have a long standing bond due to being strategic partners with reference to trade, resources, arms and many other things. But despite this close relationship, China’s current “official” stance is one of non-interference stemming from their foreign long held foreign policy of “no interference in the internal affairs of others.”

Currently China can afford to hold this position, however, the real questions will arise when/if the situation starts to escalate in Ukraine. An interesting article in the Global Times (a Chinese publication) takes the following view; “We would like to see the West and Russia compromise. But if the West really sanctions Russia, Chinese society should provide more assistance to Russia, especially economic help. The West has underestimated Moscow’s endurance. Russia’s resistance against the West has global significance. Supporting Russia consolidates China’s major strategy.” This article as a whole infers that the Chinese governments attitude is one of support to Russia. Which could potentially pose serious problems.

There is also the fact the China have a considerable relationship with Ukraine and with many countries that are in opposition to Russia, namely the USA who are massive trade partners.

China have a lot of converging influencers on this matter, this makes for a very uncertain near future that is impossible to predict.




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