China: attacks on doctor

7 Mar

The safety of doctors has been one of the important news about China. A doctor who is working for a hospital  in Guangdong Province was surrounded and humiliated by more than one hundred people on Wednesday afternoon this week.

According to reports, the crowd dragged and paraded the weeping doctor in the courtyard for failing to save a drunk 37-year-old man from dying of a heart attack.

Actually, the similar issues have taken place several times in China. The family of patients cannot understand the effort of doctors is one of the most important reasons. In china, the doctors need to work very fast for meet the large demand of patients. The patient always wait for 3 hours for to meet the doctors for 3 mins. Therefore, the communication between them is not enough.  They need to build the communication channels between medical workers and patients need to be improved.

On the other hand, the Chinese people always hate” rich people”. The poor people always think the doctors are too easy to make money. Majority Chinese people think doctors are “business men” so that they do not respect the doctors.

Xi Jinpin has added his comments in the meeting several days ago. He said the government needs to keep the doctors safe. His talking may be the best way to supervise the government to avoid the tragedy happen again.


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