The Ghost Mall

6 Mar

In Southern China’s Guangdong province lays Dongguan, a prefecture level city known as the location of one of the largest yet most deserted mall in the World. The New South China Mall was opened in 2005 and was expected to serve around 70,000 consumers per day. Within the mall there are seven zones each modelled on international cities and regions. These include Amsterdam, Egypt and Paris, where an 82ft Arc de Triomphe was constructed at one of the mall’s entrances. It covers a retail floor area of 659,612m2 and when compared to 133,200m2 attributed to Lakeside shopping centre in Essex, one can establish the sheer scale of this mall.

Often labelled a “Ghost Mall”, New South China mall has sufficient space for 2,350 shops but there are currently 2,303 unoccupied stores, resulting in a 99% vacancy rate. The only occupied areas are located near the entrance of the mall where several Western fast food restaurants reside.

The failing of this mall can somewhat be blamed on its poor location within China. It is located in the suburbs of Dongguan so it is only accessible by automobile rendering a large majority of the population, who do not own cars, unable to shop there. It can take hours to get there using public transport alone.

The mall is now owned by the Founders Group, a division of Beijing University, but any plans they have for its future are unknown.


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