One or Two? China’s ‘One Child Policy’

6 Mar


An image of a Chinese family with one child.


China is the worlds most populous country with a current populations of just over 1.35 billion. China has known of its explosive population which lead to it as a country creating the ‘One Child Policy’. This policy was introduced in 1979 as a way to alleviate China’s social, economic and environmental problems. The policy is based on a simple basis..  a family can only have one child. There were exception and special circumstances to this rule however. Only recently has China relaxed its laws on the ‘One Child Policy’ states that a family may have two children if one of the parents is an only child. Recently senior officials in China have spoke about they may opt for a country wide two child policy in the future. What will this mean for China? Ma, a deputy of the National People’s Congress said if this policy were to be introduced, the population of China would increase by 10 million people each year. Whether or not this is an accurate prediction we will just have to wait and see…


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