New strategy for a leading power?

6 Mar


China consists of the leading number of internet users in the world with a staggering 600 million users online. Just last week, China set up a new committee that were to establish a sensible cyber strategy for China, and at the head of this committee is the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. Speaking at this committee meeting, Xi Jinping said that “Internet security and informatisation is a major strategic issue concerning a country’s security and development as well as people’s life and work” (Panda, 2014). Xi Jinping continued to state that he want to build China into a cyber power.

What is hard to believe is that Xi Jinping had to address this issue. China are already one of the leading ‘cyber powers’, and are certainly at the forefront of issues in the cyber realm. China, it is believed, are behind a huge amount of cyber attacks, and because of the problem of attribution in cyber space, it is hard to fully credit the attacks to them. It is also believed that many of these attacks are state-sponsored.There was a report released last year by security firm Mandiant, and this exposed a cyber unit operating for the People’s Liberation Army, essentially workers for the state .

Relations between the US and China were uneasy last year because of disputes arising from this area of concern, China’s conduct in the cyber realm. This issue was later resolved and the two are now apparently working together to prevent further cyber attacks (Inocencio, 2013).

What is safe to say is that with this new committee in place, and with the president at the helm, China are only reiterating their intentions in cyber space and they are showing their “national commitment to developing a robust cyber capacity” (Panda, 2014).



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