Does Defence Mean Peace?

6 Mar

China believes that in order to protect itself and its people then wars with neighbouring countries is unavoidable especially in maritime territory (Xiwen, Z, 2011). Their thought is that they are stuck between peace with their surrounding countries and development of their own country. However a war may leave China at with great risk of losing rare development opportunities and the momentum for growth, and that there are peaceful ways to resolve these disputes. Since the New World China has settled these disputes through negotiations and consultations, especially with countries such as North Korea, Nepal and Afghanistan. A peaceful China will have positive ramifications for many other countries because as China is expanding, consumption is becoming more demanding leading to increased need for US and EU exports.

However last week it was reported that China has had a 2.2% spending hike in their defence budget, which has sparked concern from nearby countries, especially Japan. Many have questioned the peaceful side of it but that it conveys a message that China has a “bully role.” Other countries believe that China isn’t being truthful and is keeping secrets from neighbouring countries. China’s state media has claimed that all these accusations are false and that their spending hike will benefit world peace (Channel News Asia, 2014). China subscribes to the belief that peace can only be preserved with strength, and says that it has never treated any country as enemy or a threat (Seet Wei, 2014).

Many questions are raised over China’s defence, however it is still not up to the size of the US’s army, and China believe’s that theirs should not be far behind and in practice should actually exceed Japan’s. Although there are concerns, China has not threatened countries nearby before and no wars have developed, so there is no reason to believe that this spending hike will be used in a harmful matter, especially when economic development is gradually slowing down.



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