China’s continued hegemony effort; growth targets and defence boosts

6 Mar

Not satisfied with the miracle economic growth that the nation has seen, the Chinese government shows signs of further cementing its place as the next world hegemony from a defence point of view also; amongst other topics that have been covered at the annual parliament session held in Beijing, plans are being made to raise China’s defence budget by 12.2% (BBC 2014).

The ten day parliamentary meeting, which began yesterday, will cover the usual topics that one would expect a government to discuss, such as pollution, crime rates and growth targets. However, the announcement of a large increase in military spending seems to be the most poignant, and undoubtedly will have caught the attention of the world, especially China’s neighbours such as Japan and the Philippines. There are still disputed territories between China and these countries, and an increase in military spending certainly will not be welcome news to either.

Current Chinese military spending is roughly a sixth of that of the USA’s total defence budget; it will be interesting to note the reactions of the USA , if any, to the large boost to military spending. Are these growth targets a sign of China’s continued pursuit of hegemony status, or simply a goal to gain greater respect in the eyes of the globe ? 



BBC (2014) China congress reveals growth target and defence boost. Available at [Accessed 05/03/2014]


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