29 people killed by Chinese Separatists at Kunming railway station

3 Mar


  Chinese officials have blamed separatists from the north-western Xinjiang region for a mass knife attack at a railway station that left 29 people dead and at least 130 wounded.

   Kunming officials, quoted by Xinhua, later said that evidence at the scene showed it was “a terrorist attack carried out by Xinjiang separatist forces”.

  People are blaming the terrorists. The experts said: the terrorist attack always finds a weak area to do the horrible things. And this why Chinese government should find the emergency plans for this kind of situation in the key cities of China. This would be an efficiency solution to prevent the next terrorist attack because it is hard to guess the next terrorist attack.

  It is reported that there are three key elements to constitute terrorist attack. Firstly, the main objectives of the terrorists are innocent citizens. Secondly, no fixed format can be found from the terrorist attack. Lastly, the main objective of terrorist attack must be having the political objective.

  To avoid the terrorist attack,the core things are have the early warning and solve that early. Besides, that is also very important to build the law to protect the rights to against the terrorist attack.

Nowadays, China is at the stage of developing transforming process and various social issues exist generally.  To avoid the terrorist attack, only solve the social problems and have the innovation of social management would be the most efficiency ways.






One Response to “ 29 people killed by Chinese Separatists at Kunming railway station”

  1. jw8g12 March 3, 2014 at 1:26 pm #

    I read this article on BBC news recently also and it shocked me that the blames separatists could conduct such a horrible act. As your article states, a large number of people were killed and I believe the police in that area are still searching for up to 5 terrorists who are believed to be part of the attack. I believe the only way to efficiently solve this problem is through the bringing together of different cultures and ethnicities across China though this is always going to be difficult due to the authoritarian regime and it is a very complex thing to achieve which is why it is still such a prominent issue in countries across the world

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