Chinese population in the USA.

28 Feb



Percentage of Chinese population in the U. S. states (data source: 2000 Census); major Chinatowns in the U. S.

The rise of the Chinese population in the United States is astounding, year upon year hundreds of thousands of the Chinese population relocate to the United States. In 2010 the Chinese-American population was measured as 3,347,229, which is over 1% of the entire population of the US.


In some west coast cities such as San Francisco the Chinese-American population is now as high as 21.4%. This incredible relocation to the United States has resulted in the gradual introduction of Chinese and East Asian culture to America. This is mostly regarded as a good thing due to the onset of ideas such as Confucianism (whereby elders are greatly respected), and an educational focus.


The statistics speak for themselves, and as the Chinese population continues to grow (possibly faster now due to the easing of the one child policy) so will the Chinese population in America. The facts are there, but how will this change the USA we know today?


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