Why Chinese people are keen on immigrating to overseas?

27 Feb

In recent decades, More and more Chinese people who live in or over the middle class choose immigrate to overseas.

In the economy side, there are three main issues for them to do so. Firstly, it is getting harder to do businesses and the investment environment is not good enough domestically. Secondly, the tax is too high. Thirdly, because of the bigger gap between poverty and wealth, the unstable factors of the society are increasing. Therefore, the richer are lacking the sense of safety.

For the social issues, there are few sides to illustrate the question. In western country, you have more freedom when you are working. The supervisors wont always keep their eyes on you instead of in China. Besides, the networking between peoples are not that extremely important than in China. Moreover, the sense of competitions between friends and families are less in western countries than China. Additionally, the education of western countries are better than China. For example: United Kingdom ,etc.

According the environmental aspect, the pollution in China is so serious. Especially in the Capital of China- Beijing, you can even not see through in few meters. The air pollution also has huge negative impacts for people’s health. Furthermore, the food problem is also need to be considered.

After all the considerations, most of the people who has the ability to live in a higher living standard would think about to live in a better environment. These are the main reasons of Chinese migration to overseas.






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