The Chinese Smog That Is Taking Over The World

27 Feb


Smog seen from a building top in China




Smog in Japan  caused by the smog in China



China is facing an epidemic.. A very large epidemic in fact. The problem use to only affect China, however this problems radius of effect has become far reaching. China is the biggest manufacturer of goods for foreign countries with strong links for trade to most developed countries. Because of this fact it is also a very industrious country with a constant cycle of manufacture and shipping. This ‘super production’ doesn’t come without cost however. In part of China air pollution is ridiculously high which we know is a problem as these greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. This problem however, has become more than just exclusive to China.


This week states in Japan such as Osaka, Kagawa and Fukui issued pm2.5 readings. According to the website the definition of pm is ‘PM, also known as particle pollution, is a complex mixture of air-borne particles and liquid droplets composed of acids (such as nitrates and sulphates), ammonium, water, black (or “elemental”) carbon, organic chemicals, metals, and soil (crustal) material’. a level of pm2.5 is considered as dangerous and unsafe and Japan blames these levels on the air from China being swept over seas. US also face air pollution problems from China via air from China also being swept over sees. Areas of America affected include Washington and California and Oregon.


China has been trying to tackle this problem but as of present it seems futile. America have tried to combat the problem of air pollution in their own country by outsourcing their facilities to counties like China only to have the pollution passed back to them via ocean drifts and winds.








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