China and its disregard for human rights.

27 Feb

China’s disregard of human rights has come under scrutiny in recent years from other nations as well as human rights groups. One of the reasons for this scrutiny is the fact that China still implements the death penalty and is thought to execute more people than all other countries each year although offenses that carry a capital punishment was cut from 68 to 55, this still represents a significant number of executions each year. The death penalty itself is mostly abolished in the western world with the USA the only G7 nation to still implement the death penalty. Exact figures for China’s use of the death penalty are unclear as China does not disclose this information, however figures are thought to be in the thousands each year. 


Peoples web freedom in China is being constrained by the government as hundreds of websites are blocked and banned each year. Search engines are filtered to stop people viewing content that the government deems unsuitable or websites that may promote activism. This oppression has also extended into the general media, just recently a Hong Kong journalist Kevin Lau, who worked for Chinese newspaper Ming Pao which is respected for its independent stances, was attacked recently and taken to hospital after being wounded on his back and leg. This is just an example of oppression against the outspoken media, and an example of violence that has been on the rise in the recent past.


Workers rights are denied in China as Independent trade unions remain illegal meaning workers cannot get the wages or working conditions they deserve. There are often mass layoffs with no notice as well as widespread corruption among management officials. If workers have tried to protest law enforcement can often get involved and this leads to arrests and makes other people feel they cannot speak out against their employers.


China’s handling of the region of Tibet is also frowned upon around the world. Since the Chinese took Tibet and integrated it into the People’s Republic of China in 1951. Since the invasion the Chinese have suppressed the traditional Tibetan beliefs and culture. The Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama was exiled and forced into India while protests also often end in jail time. China has therefore been shown to been shown to be a state which shows no respect towards peoples basic human rights of things like religion and simple freedom and there no evidence of them moving away from this level of oppression. (date accessed 27/02/14) (date accessed 27/02/14),0,5769562.story#axzz2uXRwuXGE (date accessed 27/02/14) (date accessed 27/02/14)


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