Have Chinese overthrown the basic standards of morality

22 Feb



There is a statistics investigation from 139010 Youngers showed that in nowadays Chinese Society. The reaction for 55.6% people seeing elders fell to the ground would be ignoring them. 23.4% of the people won’t help the elders until have the evidences or witnesses.  12.6% of the people choose to call police and wait for police coming. Only 5.4% of the people decide to help elders fell to the ground immediately.

What caused this happen? Is there something wrong with Chinese social morality in some extent?

During the past few years, the social problems of helpers were falsely charged with guilty persons make nowadays situations occur. Last year, three children were helping an old people who fell on the ground. The result of this helping was the elder accused that the kind boy is the peace-breaker. A lot of similar things happened in Chinese Society. These caused people become more and more unconcerned.

But what if some old people really need help in some dangerous circumstances? What if you have a child with you when you see the elders need help? Will you just walk away and how can you be a role model for your child? How can you prove the life value to the next generation? In the next decades, the society could be unimaginable because of the shortage of morality.

Losing trust give us a deep-thinking. How to solve the problem?Most of the people from the investigation believe: Firstly, giving punishments for the elders who falsely accuse the innocents. Secondly, the witnesses claim the truth bravely. Etc.Everyone has parents and everyone will be old in the future. Just try the best to solve the social problems by the contributing from the individuals.








One Response to “Have Chinese overthrown the basic standards of morality”

  1. kmp1g13 February 23, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    Yes, China’s social morality today is worryingly poor and this has attracted attention worldwide in the past with the case of Yue Yue in 2011, a little girl who was run overed twice, and left ignored by dozens of passerbys. This shows that even 2 years afterwards, China has done little to change the way the Chinese react to others who are in the need of help, due to the concern of being blamed for the problem.

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