China’s Energy Mix

21 Feb

With a population of 1.2bn people, China has significant energy demands which it must meet which means it has to have a diverse energy mix. An energy mix is the composition of differing types of energy used in a country to meet its energy demands. China is currently the worlds largest emitter of greenhouse gas with oil demand still projected to increase over the coming year by 3.6%. An increase in oil demand of this margin will lead to China overtaking the USA to become the largest user of oil worldwide at 369,000 barrels a day ( A rapidly expanding economy has led to an increase in consumer owned vehicles and an expansion of infrastructure which has increased oil demand. However China’s renewable energy expansion has also been world leading. 


China leads the world in installed renewable energy capacity, with china investing heavily in large projects such as the Three Gorges Hydroelectric dam on the Yangtze river. Half the hydropower installed worldwide in 2012 was in China. China is also looking to expand energy into other markets such as solar and biomass-fueled energy as they are expected to expand ten fold over the period 2010-2020 while natural gas is also expected to increase 10 fold as it currently only accounts for 2% of China’s energy mix ( Natural gas use in China is lower than other types of energy due to its high cost and low supply. Oil and coal remain the main sources of energy in China however coals proportion of the energy mix will fall below 65% in 2014. Natural gas is being planned to increase to account for 7.5% of the energy mix by 2015 as China look to diversify their energy mix (

Date accessed: 20/02/14

Date accessed: 20/02/14

Date accessed: 20/02/14


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