China and its ‘many vices’

20 Feb





The picture above is an Image of arrested prostitutes found in Guangdong 


“Any healthy society, while having a diverse range of ideas, should have some basic bottom line, some common sense and value. Liberation of thinking doesn’t mean having wild ideas, and it also doesn’t mean an indulgence of behaviour.” is the statement from an article in the People’s Daily (The mouthpiece for the communist party as it is called) that I feel best sums up the current president of China’s views on the vices of Prostitution, Drugs and Gambling.


Earlier this week China spoke out and exposed its problem of wide spread prostitution and other illegal activities that ‘embarrassed’ the Chinese ideologies. Shortly after this announcement The President of China, Mr Xi Jinping gave orders to begin the major crackdown which took place on several cities to find and stop activities deemed as illegal vices. The main target of these raids was the continued act of prostitution. It is known that in popular cities in China many services such as karaoke bars, nightclubs, hotels and spa’s offer ‘extra’ services to their customers indirectly acting as brothels and worsening this undisclosed problem.


One of the main areas targeted during these raids was the Guangdong Province. Guangdong is known as China’s sin city and has been known by such name for several years now. more than a hundred people were taken away for instigating prior to raids due to CCTV footage exposing prostiutuation in several establishments. The CCTV was provided from a state-owned broadcasters report.


The name of this operation is the ‘yellow sweep’ and had taken place as well as begun in 16 cities in nine provinces starting from the 10th of February. For overall figures, since the start of the sweep, the combined police force have so far investigated 1500 reports of vice crimes, arrested more than 500 people, and shut down over 2000 sites where it has been speculated that sex was for sale. These figures were reported by Beijing News of Tuesday this week. All in all this effort to clear up the streets of China was much needed however, it is a small step in a problem that revenues around “100 billion Yuan ($16.5 billion) of related economic activity”








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