Incombustible paper- invented by Chinese Scientists

16 Feb


Since ancient times, Fire is the paper’s “natural enemy”. Many of our paper cultural treasures have been plundered by fire. However, a revolution of paper is coming soon. It was reported by Xinhua net Shanghai at 13th Feb 2014: “Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully synthesized a new type of inorganic materials which has highly flexibility and thermo stability (over 1000℃) . Besides, the paper’s colour won’t be changed permanently. Some relevant research findings had been published at ECHA which is an international academic Journal.

Comparing to the ordinary paper, incombustible paper has similar production process. The only thing different is the raw material. Incombustible paper could be used for recording the important data and files in a long term and avoiding be destroyed by some natural disasters

Incombustible paper has been created by the team from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for 6 years . At this moment , it is only used by laboratory. The target of the creators are improving the economy of scale of the Incombustible paper and decreasing the costs in the future.

It can be predicted that Incombustible paper will be used widely and that will reduce people’s reliable of the traditional paper. Therefore, massive forest and nature resources can be protected and the environmental pollution will be declined in some extent.

This could be a huge positive influence for the next generation and environment protection. This article shows Chinese science is improving because of the increasing of Chines economy.


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