Political Change in China?

13 Feb

What is the future of Chinese politics? In a recent article in The Economist the writer visited a school with a difference (The Economist, 2014). This school was one of five designed to specifically identify and raise up new leaders of the communist party.

But will the Chinese political system have to change? Now, obviously we have seen an increasing response from the Chinese government to address issues surrounding and including human rights, with the relaxation of the one child policy (The Economist, 2013) and increasing freedom of religious thought allowed. So, (when) will the Chinese get a vote?

The Chinese government have said that they can no longer avoid the press, that they are now accountable, as we have seen with a widely publicised clamp down on corruption (BBC, 2011), including the execution of government officials. As more and more Chinese students are educated overseas in democratic political systems there may be a shift in cultural dynamics and attitudes. This could push the Chinese public away from enjoying the aims of just raising the standard of living through economic growth and more towards actively voicing the concerns of themselves, the people, through the implementation of a more democratic system, in place of the current hierarchical electoral system. Perhaps in the next few years (or more likely decades) we will see a drive towards the vote for individual citizens with a direct impact on national governance.


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