Top Gear take a look at China’s ever-expanding car industry!

15 May

Top Gear take a look at China’s ever-expanding car industry!

China is now the world’s biggest market for new cars. Its motorway network will soon rival America’s.  China was not expected to exceed the US market until 2020 but the speed with which the recession affected consumers in the States combined with incentives from the Beijing government to help buyers accelerate the trend.

China’s communist government cut sales taxes on smaller, fuel-efficient cars and spent $730m (£450m) on subsidies for buyers of larger cars, pickup trucks and minivans. Stimulus spending on building highways and other public works also helped to boost sales of trucks used in construction.

China’s love affair with cars began late, but it has more than made up for the delay. In 2000 there were 4m cars for the 1.3bn population and experts predicted that the number would be six times higher by the end of the decade. Instead, it soared 20-fold.

The Chinese car industry was even tested out by Top Gear who give a quite humorous look on the Chinese Car market: the link is below, it is well worth a watch!


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