Mutual Trust is Foundation of China-India Relations

10 May

Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid visited Beijing on Thursday. While meeting with him, Foreign Minister Wang Yi asserted that China and India are naturally strategic partners. The China-India bilateral relationship has much global significance, with great potential for cooperation development.

This is a positive step between two of the most influential powers in Asia, and considering the fact that they’ve rarely seen eye to eye in a relationship filled with nationalistic rivalry since the  emergence of the BRICS and China’s dominance. The world cannot afford a confrontation between China and India, whose combined populations account for roughly one-third of the global population.



One Response to “Mutual Trust is Foundation of China-India Relations”

  1. jm26g10 May 13, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    China-India relations are of global concern. The two fastest growing powers in the world could become globally dominant, or globally destructive if they continue on their set paths. Both these nations lack of concern for the environment could have global consequence if no action on their behalf is taken. In business terms, these two nations are very well organised with one another, with China being one of India’s top trading partners, with a bilateral trading target of $100 billion for 2015. With over a third of the world’s population shared by these two nations, there is potential for “one huge trading bloc” to be formed and a scenario where these nations only need to deal with one another.

    The border battle between these two nations has finally come to a halt after troops had been facing each other for over 3 weeks. China pulled out troops from Daulat, which also implies further benefits for cross-national relations between these countries. The nature of this also seemed modern, with both generals coming to a diplomatic halt, with agreements on both sides. China and India are stepping into a modern world, which they will be the front runners off. Their power and relations in the coming years will have global impact whether they like it or not.


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