Xi Jingping and the Issue of Corruption

9 May

Earlier this year, newly elected President Xi Jingping vowed to battle both ‘tigers’ and ‘flies’ to tackle the underlying problem of corruption, sending a warning sign to officials of all ranks on the prospect of scrutiny.

Corruption have plagued China’s authoritarian approach for centuries, more recently local officials exploited the dual-track price system in the 1980s, and many others blurred their commitments to the party with various business ventures. Even during the Tiananmen Square protests, official took to the streets to call for radical privatization in order to serve their own economic interests.

The danger for Xi is that he is pressured to act by Chinese citizens but if he acts too quickly and ruthlessly, the loyalty of those who keep him in China’s top job will also be lost. Even grassroots anti-corruption campaigners has to ‘dance on a knife edge’, but the recent sex scandal of high-ranking city official shows the determination of agents from all walks of society participating in making the China’s government a more transparent and respectable authority.




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