China Climate Change Leader

9 May

China Climate Change Leader

I earlier wrote an article that suggested that three main problems will limit the success of China. These three problems were: corruption, environmental damage and the ageing demographics.

Last Friday I read an interesting article which suggests that China is a climate change leader. Investing US$65.1 billion in clean energy in 2012, 20 percent more than in 2011. This was unmatched by any nation and represented 30 percent of the entire G-20 nations’ investment in 2012. Which suggests that they are working hard to change this reality. But the reality is extremely real to the current population as only last month poor water pollution meant that Shanghai’s main river, which provides drinking water for up to 4.6m people, was polluted with thousands of dead pigs floating through the river.

Hopefully China isn’t just throwing money at climate change, but actually facilitating change too.




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