China’s global influence

19 Apr

China’s global influence is a debate which many economic, military and political forecasters have set to predict. In the past 3 decades, China’s economy has grown 10% per annum, clearly expressing its potential influence as a super power. China’s voice is increasingly carrying weight, and the east can therefore no longer be ignored. China holds a lot of power. If it felt displeasure, China could be uncooperative on international issues that require its support. In addition, China holds the second largest economy, rising from a previous regional power to a global player. In context, China has, and will continue to reduce American dominance and global influence in the future.

The current forecast predicts that China will develop into an economic power, as opposed to US being economic, militarily and politically influential, but the speed of China’s economic growth potentially indicates that it will become the most dominant economic super power. Chinas limited political influence is certainly a downfall on the global scale, and it is still far behind the US in terms of living standards and technology, so it would be premature to name China a super power just yet, but it is certainly a future prospect. What does this mean? Well it certainly means moving away from a US and Europe led world, with China becoming dominant in relation to global exports, increasing global power China holds. Furthermore, there are also prospects that China will have the largest influence over economies of the developing nations, and this could be an area for political exploration, potentially increasing Chinas political power. The fact that America hold 11 aircraft carriers, and China only recently built their first displays how far behind they are militarily, but should their economy hold strong and continue this unprecedented growth, then who knows what the future may bring.




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  1. samhemming April 21, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    When talking about China as a global power and issues of hard versus soft power its worth bearing in mind that they remain the largest military power in terms of personnel. The US may have ten more aircraft carriers but according to their respective reports China has an additional 50,000 individuals serving in their collective armed forces. Admittedly these numbers are not particularly reliable at best both sources are lying about their military capabilities to the same degree. However in today’s world there are new battlefields and if reports are true then it seems that China has considerable capabilities in asserting their influence in cyberspace. Someone in the West, probably the US, has similar strength, exhibited through Stuxnet. Comparing China’s military might to the rest of the world is a bit redundant though. There are continuing strains, such as Taiwan. But relations with the rest of the international community are not bad, certainly not to the extent that open conflict may break out.
    China’s economic strength however is incredibly important. It was its own economic success that allowed the US to become a superpower. The rest of the world’s significant powers emerged from World War II in high amounts of debt to the US emerging from six years of bloody warfare, the UK only paid this debt off in 2006 ( America however made a profit and continued to profit as it retooled its industry to peace time. Then America used this economic strength to extend its political influence in Europe through policies such as the Marshall Plan. The war of the 20th Century marked America’s emergence from isolation and transformation into a world power, critically supported by the economy. With its own economic might China could be able to make the same transition from economic success to political superpower; some say this is what is happening already in Africa


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