The New Cultural Revolution

10 Apr

China has previously been a nation which excluded herself from global traditions and cultures, keeping closed doors on foreign exports. However, into the 21st century, China is becoming increasingly more westernised with lax rules on imports into the country. This has resulted in a decline of traditional values, cultures and traditions in China, and an adoption of westernised cultures. McDonald’s and KFC have more than 2000 outlets between them in china, offering quick cheap western food, a big attraction for the youth in the country. Furthermore, these younger generations are being raised with western lifestyle, fashion, food and entertainment, with a clear lack of focus upon previously high regarded traditions. The identification of western brands entices these Chinese youth, causing a lack of regard for previous traditions, gradually westernising the culture. The commercial world of today is certainly a factor involved in this, with economic values surpassing cultural values, which is defined by the 21st century. A further catalyst for this is the increasing exportation of Chinese students to further their education. These students enter the UK, France, Germany and America, and return heavily impacted upon by these western cultures. They enjoy the less stringent ways of the west, and look to bring these values back into China.

The Government however does not express these open ideologies to western cultures. The worry that western culture will change China’s one party system is a large cause for concern. In retaliation, the leaders want to strengthen the cultural identity and cultural production of China, increasing the importance of these values. The fear that western ideology could impact the strength of the communist party becomes increasingly viable with increased exposure to the west. The opening of trade barriers allowed western culture to become fully integrated within China, and to the current leaders, this needs to be addresses. Furthermore, the Government perceives “western forces” to be hostile, and to be dividing China, adding to both their paranoia, and potential problems.


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