China’s Internet

10 Apr 

A curious article from The Economist discussing the state’s use of the internet to increase its span of control over the Chinese population.

It raises the question of whether the internet is an inherently democratizing force or, in fact, can be used as an instrument of governmental control.


One Response to “China’s Internet”

  1. jpt1g11 April 18, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    China’s censorship of the internet is only one of the contentious illiberal policies that have been condemned by most Western democracies. The CCP see it as a resource to undermine their authority and subvert the moral authority of the government since the internet tends to be dominated by websites associated with huge corporations like Google.

    The vast array of information available to users is probably the most threatening aspect from the point of view of Chinese officials. Education provided by the state in China is on their terms and based on their wishes. Since the internet is about spreading information across the globe, it probably goes against China’s insular tendencies to not reach out to other countries, apart from trade agreements. Despite this, I think it’s still a crack into China’s control over censorship because the internet as a whole remains very hard to control.

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