Panic after two men die from a new strain of Bird Flu

2 Apr

In Shanghai, two men, one aged 27 and the other 87, have died suddenly from a new strain of Bird Flu which has previously been unheard of in humans. Chinese authorities are looking to find the cause of this new H7N9 virus quickly, as they realise that panic will spread throughout various populations if it is not discovered soon. There is confusion however, as the 87 year old man is not a usual target for a virus such as this, and should not have been vulnerable. The 27 year old, on the other hand, was discovered to have “allegedly sold pork”. It is thought, currently, that this disease could have come from the large number of pigs that had been illegally dumped in the Huangpu river, as they were dying. It is now thought that these pigs had been infected with the virus themselves and had passed it on to human beings.

This is an important issue for the Chinese authorities to solve quickly, as fear and panic will begin to spread fast amongst communities. There are already worries that this strain of Bird Flu is transmitted from human-to-human contact and various other rumours are beginning to spread. People are being asked to notice whether any family members are suffering from sudden “coughs and fevers”, as this is how the two men’s illnesses began before their deaths.

Currently five more people are said to be “critically ill” with the new Bird Flu. There is no current vaccine against this strain. Authorities have come to the realisation that a solution needs to be reached quickly as panic appears to be spreading faster than the disease itself. It is proving to be more difficult than first thought as all of the cases appear to be unrelated.



3 Responses to “Panic after two men die from a new strain of Bird Flu”

  1. zifeng kang April 4, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    H7N9 has caused 11 people infected and 4 of them are dead, many cities have been built up defense urgently. The authority has not found how the bug appears, but although the estimate, it may due to the secreta or excrement of the animals such as birds and cattle. Because this is the new virus, so the hospitals have no any ideas the solve it, only can give some suggestions about how to avoid it, for example, stay away from those animals, eat 100% cooked birds, eggs and cattles, and keep hygiene.

    The issue of dead pig in shanghai has warned people about enviormentally friendly and the consequences of not being hygeian. I suggest that some relative departments should set up a series regulations and laws about health problems, not in the emergency, but also in general time, more importantly, they should enhance the forces of supervising these regulations, so the healthy problems will increasing decreased. Additionally, the authorities should also popularize some healthy knowledge to the public so they may react
    carefully and safely.

    China has been developed too quickily and forgot to wait his people to catch up, consequently, lots of other issues have been ignored such as enviorment, health, stress and resources for next generation. China should should stop its forward steps and pay attention to those issues above, not just for his own people, but also for the worldwide, some basic facilities and people’s quality should be encouraged but not blindly develop.

  2. Zoe Skousbo April 9, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    It will be interesting to see how the Chinese government will handle this new outbreak and the ensuing panic that may develop into full hysteria if the outcomes are not managed properly and information is not passed onto the Chinese people by a government with a long history of withholding information to its people, including the recent cases of the tens of thousands of rotting pigs floating in a river and its tributaries less than a month ago.
    This issue should hopefully bring just attention to the way in which poultry is kept and treated in China. With many people in the rural areas still living in close proximity with animals the spread of potentially deadly viruses will be a recurring problem as these strains easily make their way into cities marketplaces. Thankfully, the Chinese government has so far maintained relative transparency on the current outbreak, especially in comparison to its woeful handling of the SARS outbreak ten years ago which killed 800 people. It seems the Chinese government has learnt its lesson from that outbreak however media reports that news of the latest bird flu outbreak were broken to the public on social networks by concerned citizens may suggest otherwise.


  3. de1g11 April 10, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    At the moment there is no need for panic or even that much concern over this new strain of avian bird flu. It must be taken into account that the reaction to previous deadly diseases, such as SARs, shows how quickly the Chinese authorities reacted and prevented a complete and utter disaster. There were deaths, but the authorities reacted with enough speed and precision to stop the flu from becoming a pandemic. It is true that there should be some enforced laws to increase the health and well being in China as it continues to industrialise, but the government knows how to deal with a potential crisis.

    The current situation just seems to be something that has been blown out of proportion by the media; the infections exclaimed in the media are all from February and with the previous bird flu strain of H1N5 scientists know roughly what they are working with to find a vaccine. There are a lot of unknowns with this new H7N9 strand but scientists are working hard to figure it out. The Chinese center for disease prevention has shared information on the virus with other top flu scientists around the world, in order to understand the disease more. It seems like all the right steps are being taken to address this latest outbreak. [Accessed 07/04/13]

    Eureka: Apocalypse the Disaster Issue, Issue 37, October 2012

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