Xi Jinping – new leader of China

26 Feb

Anonymous is a word that paradoxically can be used to describe Xi Jinping, the new leader of 1.3 billion people and one of the world’s most powerful nations. We know that his father was a communist revolutionary involved in the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, and that his friends from early days describe him as  “supremely pragmatic and a realist” and “exceptionally ambitious”, but not a whole lot more than this.

However, when Xi Jinping was presented as the new general secretary of China’s Communist Party and leader of the nation last November, he was seen by most as being much more at ease and personal  than his stiff predecessor Hu Jintao.

“He talked of people’s desire for a better life, for better jobs, education and health care – and for less pollution. He flashed his chubby smile unlike the ever dour Hu.”

Communist China has of course never exactly been a country of personality politics, but it will be interesting to see what change Xi Jinping’s regime will bring about and whether or not he has a different vision for China.  It is important to note however that the six other members of the Standing Committee (and most likely Xi Jinping himself, we do not know much yet) appear to be quite conservative and not inclined to make any big changes.  2013 will hopefully show what kind of leadership we can expect from China’s new elite.






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