BBC News: China Profile

4 Feb

China Profile

I thought it would be useful to post up this profile BBC news has created about China. It takes you through a succinct yet detailed explanation of China’s past and present. The overview section is particularly useful for background context of how China has progressed to this point in time with clear subsections for economic, social and political developments. The facts and timeline sections help to further support this background understanding as well as providing some useful quick facts. The leaders and media sections are more focused but are as equally succinct and detailed and interlock well with the economic, social and political developments explained in the overview section.

I hope the link above works, if not here is the web address:



One Response to “BBC News: China Profile”

  1. Dr. Hui-Chi Yeh February 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    China’s new leaders:

    Xi Jinping

    Age: 59 years
    Princeling: Yes
    Mentors: Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong

    Born in 1953 in Fuping County, Shaanxi Province, Xi was sent to work on an agricultural commune before being accepted into the prestigious Tsinghua University in 1975.

    Xi studied chemical engineering and went on to serve as a personal secretary to the then-Minister of Defense Geng Biao. His early political career took him from his native province to Hebei and later Fujian, where he served as vice governor in 1999, before being promoted to governor a year later.

    In 2002, Xi took up senior government and Party positions in Zhejiang, a province on the country’s southeast coast. He entered the Standing Committee of the Politburo in 2007 and in 2008 became the country’s vice president. In 2010, he was also promoted to vice chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission and China’s Central Military Commission. He’s also president of the Central Party School.

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