Description and Aims

25 Jan

The aim of this module is to help students understand how China’s economic miracle unfolded since the open-door policy was introduced in 1978 and to explore the economic, social, cultural and political implications of more than thirty years of accelerated growth from an interdisciplinary perspective. The module will introduce the students to key issues and events and provide opportunities to discuss a broad range of subjects associated with China’s rise as a global power.

In particular students completing this module will be able to:

1. Understand the drivers for economic growth in the Chinese economy post 1979

2. Discuss the sustainability of China’s growth ambitions from an interdisciplinary perspective

3. Analyse the social, political and cultural impact of China’s economic development

4. Critically evaluate views on China’s socio-economic and political systems, exploring key current issues such as social equality, population policy and growth, the role of the Communist Party, the environment, foreign policy

5. Extrapolate from existing policy and practice at home and abroad to analyse predictions about China’s future as a global power

6. Engage in group discussion with students from different disciplines to develop a deep and critical understanding of contemporary China


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