Lecture 5


Week 5: Poverty and Inequality in China
1. Naughton, Barry (2007). The Chinese Economy: transitions and growth, The MIT Press. Chapter 9.1-9.3, pp. 209-221.
2. Ravallion, Martin, and Shaohua Chen (1999). When Economic Reform Is Faster Than Statistical Reform: Measuring and Explaining Income Inequality in Rural China, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 61 (February), pp. 75–102.
3. Yao, Shujie, Zongyi Zhang, and Lucia Hanmer (2004). Growing Inequality and Poverty in China, China Economic Review, 15, pp. 145–63.
4. Park, Albert, and Sangui Wang (2001). China’s Poverty Statistics, China Economic Review, 12, pp. 384–98.


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